Colin Camerer

Colin Camerer
所属 玉川大学脳科学研究所・客員教授、カリフォルニア工科大学
役職 教授
役割 経済行動の神経科学的解析


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  • Camerer, Asian-Pacific ESA, Tokyo, 2013/02
  • Camerer, Game Theory Society, Istanbul, 2012/08
  • Camerer, Singapore Behavioral Economics Camp, 2012/07
  • Colin Camerer, Plenary talk, AAMAS Valencia Spain, 2012/06
  • Colin Camerer, MIT Collective Intelligence, 2012
  • Colin Camerer, Panel on Experimental Economics , LACEA Chile, 2011/11
  • Colin Camerer, Sumerlin Lecture, Johns Hopkins, 2011/03
  • Colin Camerer, Neuroscience (Tokyo), 2010/09
  • Camerer, Berkeley Marketing Conference on Behavioral economics, 2010/04
  • Colin Camerer, Distinguished Decision Processes Seminar, Penn Marketing, 2010/04
  • Colin Camerer, Stanford Neuroscience, 2009/12
  • Colin Camerer, College de France symposium, 2009/05
  • Colin Camerer, Neuroeconomics” (Johns Hopkins), 2009/05

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