Partnership with California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

1. Promoting Research that Integrates Humanities and Sciences

Caltech actively promotes integrative research across humanities, social sciences and brain science, and is one of the world's leading institutions in the area of Neuroecomonics. Caltech's Division of Humanities and Social Sciences will play a central role in this collaboration program. Know-hows and the experiences that Caltech posses in this area will be one of the major keys for the success in integrated research across humanities and social sciences that will be conducted at Tamagawa University.  Throughout the course of this project, Tamagawa and Caltech will hold joint Lecture Courses and short and long term training sessions

2. Forming World-Wide Network

Caltech is one of the world leaders in the Brain Mechanism for Decision Making in Mankind and Neuroecomonics researches. By collaborating with Caltech, Tamagawa University will benefit in many ways including being on the cutting edge of the research on the world-wide scale. Also, this will give a great opportunity for young researchers and graduate students to gain experiences globally.

3. Promotion of Research on Higher-Order Brain Functions

Tamagawa University is one of the world leaders in the research on animal's brain mechanism for decision making. By collaborating with one of world's leaders in brain science in humans, we are hoping to create a prominent education and research center.

Researchers in the neuroeconomics and neuroethics which are considered new fields are virtually nonexistent in Japan. However, Tamagawa University has a track record of conducting joint researches in these areas with researchers from overseas. With this program, we hope to not only have successful researches, but also to educate graduate students and young researchers for the future.

Tamagawa-Caltech Joint workshop