The 85th seminar for COE young researchers' society

Date : October 10, 2012
Place : Research Center Bldg. Tamagawa University
Speaker : Shinsuke Suzuki (Graduate School of Letters, Hokkaido University / RIKEN Postdoctoral Fellow)
Title : Learning to Simulate Others' Decisions
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About "Tamagawa COE young researchers' society"
COE young researchers' society was established in February 2004, for interaction among young researchers related to COE programs and for sharing the knowledge over research fields. Many postdoctoral fellows and research assistants from various research fields (for example, neurophysiology, neuropsychology, ethology, computational neuroscience, etc) joined in this society.
Interaction of these researchers had been limited in their original research fields. This society made a chance for them to know each other's research activity. The entire purpose of the Tamagawa COE program was to attempt integrative human science (from molecular mechanism to educational application), and included Ph.D and postdoctoral level training. The society was very important in this regard. Our society aimed to introduce the research of young researchers concerned with Tamagawa COE, to make discussion from various points of view, and to widen perspective of each research.