Kumiko Sato

Kumiko Sato
Affiliation Tamagawa University Brain Science Institute, Graduate School of Brain Sciences
Position Title Professor
Role Communication and cognition research based on linguistic psychology and developmental psychology
Field of Specialization psycholinguistics, applied linguistics, English education
Room Number Building 5
Research Keywords L1 & L2 acquisition, language processing, inference processing, vocabulary development, mother-child interaction、phonological loop, imitation, early language education

International Conferences

  • Sato, Kumiko, Kajikawa、Sachiyo, Kanechiku, Kiyoe, Ability of non-word repetition and vocabulary development in 2-year-old children, 15th International Conference on Infant Studies, Kyoto, Japan, 2006
  • Sato, Kumiko, Kanechiku, Kiyoe, Phonological Memory and Vocabulary Development in Japanese 3-5 Year old Children, 11th International Conference of the EAJS, Austria, 2005
  • Kajikawa, Sachiyo, Sato, Kumiko, Kanechiku, Kiyoe., Infants' discrimination of /r/ and /d/ in word: A difficult consonant in articulation is difficult in perception?, The 2nd International Wrokshopf for Young Pshchologists on Evolution and Development of Cognition, Kyoto, Japan, 2004
  • Sato,Kumiko・Kanechiku , Kiyoe, Matsumoto Hirobumi, Accent Flattening in Japanese Loanwords', The 6th Symposium of Nordic Association for Japanese and Korean Studies, Denmark, 2003

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