Peter Bossaerts

Peter Bossaerts
Affiliation Visiting Professor, Tamagawa University Brain Science Institute, California Institute of Technology
Position Title Professor
Role Neuroscientific analysis of economic choice
Field of Specialization Experimental Finance, Decision Making Under Uncertainty
Professional Affiliation Society for Neuroeconomics


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International Conferences

  • Peter Bossaerts, "The Neurobiology Behind Human Decision Making " , 2013 Finance Down Under Conference, Melbourne (Australia), 2013/03
  • Peter Bossaerts, "The Human Brain Behind Financial Skill" , Second Miami Behavioral Finance Conference, 2012/12
  • Peter Bossaerts, "The Human Brain Behind Financial Skill" , Joint Symposium, National Taiwan University, National Chengchi University, National Yang-Ming University, Taipei (Taiwan), 2012/03
  • Peter Bossaerts, "The Human Brain Behind Financial Skill" , Swiss Finance Institute Annual Meeting, 2011/11
  • Peter Bossaerts, "Neurobiological Foundations of Decision Making under Uncertainty" , Finance Down Under: Building on the Best from the Cellars of Finance , University of Melbourne, Australia, 2011/03
  • Peter Bossaerts, “What Decision Neuroscience Teaches Us about Financial Decision Making,”, Marian Miner Cook Athenaeum Lecture, Claremont McKenna College, 2010/03
  • Peter Bossaerts, "Neuroscience and Decision Making," , A Birdseye View of Finance: Past, Present, and Future Frontiers, Conference organized in honor of Haim Levy, Jerusalem, 2009/08
  • Peter Bossaerts, "Strategic Uncertainty In Games and Markets: A Neuroeconomic Perspective" , 5th International Meeting On Experimental And Behavioral Economics, Granada (Spain), 2009/04
  • Peter Bossaerts, "Potential Policy Implications of Neuroeconomics" , The Social Brain, symposium organized by the Royal Academy of Arts, Manufacture and Commerce (RSA) and the Wellcome Trust , London, 2009/01
  • Peter Bossaerts, "Decision Making under Uncertainty: Risk and Risk Learning" , Building Bridges in Medical Sciences , Cambridge University Medical School, 2008/11
  • Peter Bossaerts, "The Neuroeconomics of Decision Making", World Economic Forum , Geneva, 2008/09
  • Peter Bossaerts, Neurobiological Foundations of Perception and Decision under Uncertainty, International Economic Science Association Conference, California Institute of Technology, 2008/06
  • Peter Bossaerts, Neurobiological Foundations of Perception and Decision under Uncertainty, 4th Asia Pacific Meeting of the Economic Science Association, National University of Singapore, 2008/02
  • Peter Bossaerts, Keynote speech, Neurobiological Foundations of Perception and Decision under Uncertainly, 9th Biennial Symposium "Neuroeconomics:Decision Making and the Brain", New York University Center for Neural Science, 2008/01
  • Peter Bossaerts, Keynote speech, The Neuroeconomics of Decision Making, 30th Annual Meeting of Japan Neuroscience Society, 2007/09
  • Peter Bossaerts, Keynote speech, The Neuroeconomics of Decision Making, Second ESA Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting, Osaka, Japan, 2007/02
  • Peter Bossaerts, Keynote speech, Neuro-Finance, Gutmann Public Lecture, Vienna, Austria, 2006/12
  • Peter Bossaerts, Keynote speech, The Paradox of Asset Pricing, Stanford-Tsukuba Conference, 2006/03
  • Peter Bossaerts, Keynote speech, Experimental Financial Markets, EIASM, Tilburg, Netherlands, 2005/12


  • Method and an Apparatus for Providing A Market Environment, Peter Bossaerts, Walter Yuan, Raj Advani, U.S. Patent Application No. 11/531,683, 2008


  • Review of Finance 2004 GSAM Best Research Paper Award for the paper Basic Principles of Asset Pricing Theory: Evidence From Large-Scale Experimental Financial Markets., Peter Bossaerts, 2004
  • Journal of Financial Markets 2003 Best Paper Award for the paper "Excess Demand and Equilibration in Multi-Security Financial Markets: The Empirical Evidence, Peter Bossaerts, 2003

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