Kazuyuki Samejima

Kazuyuki Samejima
Affiliation Tamagawa University Brain Science・Graduate School of Brain Sciences Institute
Position Title Associate Professor
Role Neural model approach to decision making and emotion
Research Keywords Decision making , Cognitive neuroscience, reinforcement learning , reward system
Professional Affiliation Society for neuroscience, Japan neural network society(JNNS), japan neuro science society (JNSS)


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International Conferences

  • Nonomura, S., Kato, YX., Samejima, K., Doya, K., Tanji, J., Poster presentation, The anterior caudate nucleus contribute to comparison of reward values before motor choice in macaque monkey, Annual meeting of society for neuroeconomics, 2012/09
  • Nomura, I, Samejima K., Washida, Y., Ueda, K., Poster presentation, The effect of risk attitude on product choices, The annual meeting of cognitive science society (Cogsci 2011), 2011/07
  • Izuma, K., Matsumoto, M., Murayama, K., Samejima, k., Sadato,N, Matsumoto, K., Poster presentation, Neural Correlates of Cognitive Dissonance and Decision Conflict, International conference on cognitive neurodynamics (ICCN 2011), 2011/07
  • Izuma, K., Samejima, K, Poster presentation, Neural correlates of preference change and cognitive dissonance, Annual meeting of society for neuroscience 2010, 2010/11
  • Ueda Y, Samejima K, Yamanaka K, Doya K. & Kimura M, Poster presentation, Adaptation of reward-based free-choices is impaired by D1 but not D2 dopamine receptor antagonist in the striatum, The 38th annual meeting of Society for Neuroscience, , Washington DC, USA, , 2008/11/17

Domestic Conferences

  • Samejima, K., Neural basis of conditioning and reinforcement learning: A mechanistic perspective on learning and decision, 専修大学国際シンポジウム Expansion of associative learning theory, 2012/11
  • Nonomura, S, Kato, YX, Samejima, K., Doya, K., Tanji, J., Poster presentation, Neural activity in the anterior striatum during comparison of reward values, JNNS2011第21回 日本神経回路学会大会, 2011/12
  • 野村郁也,大貫泰,鮫島和行,鷲田祐一,植田一博,岡田浩之,大森隆司, Poster presentation, The effect of brand awareness and risk attitude on product choices, 脳と心のメカニズム第11回冬のワークショップ, 2011/01
  • Nonomura, S, Samejima, K, Doya, K., Tanji, J., Poster presentation, Neural activity in the dorsal striatum during cognitive decision making , Neuro 2010 (第33回 日本神経科学会大会, 第20回日本神経回路学会大会, 第53回日本神経化学会大会) , 2010/09
  • Yoshida, T., Ito, M., Morimura, T., Samejima K., Okuda, J., Yoshimoto, J., Doya, K., Poster presentation, Brain mechanisms for evaluating probabilistic and delayed rewards, Neuroscience 2009 (第32回 日本神経科学会大会), 2009/09
  • Samejima K, Guest lecture, Reinforcement learning hypothesis of cortico-basal ganglia loops and action value coding in the stiratum., Satellite Symposium of the 32nd Annual Meeting of the Japan Neuroscience Society, The Basal Ganglia in Health & Disease , 2009/09

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