Tamagawa Global COE Intensive Lecture Series by Prof. Balleine "Conditioning and associative learning"

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Dates: March 26 (Mon.) - 29(Thu.), 2012
Venue: Room B107 at University Research Bldg., Tamagawa University
Lecturer: Bernard Ballein (Laureate Professor and Director of the Behavioural Neuroscience Laboratory in the Brain & Mind Research Institute, Sydney University)

Tamagawa Global COE Program invites you to Intensive Lecture series by Prof. Bernard Ballein who is commonly known as the first researcher of Learning Theory.
Why don't you participate in this wonderful lecture series to hear Prof. Ballein's lectures from the basics to applications?

We look forward to your participation!!
For details, please refer to;

link Tamagawa Global COE Intensive Lecture series (in Japanese)